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What are the right shoes for you

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There is no one shoe that is right for everyone.

Everyone is different, we have different joints, different muscles, different tissues and different structures. It is because of all these differences that there is such a wide variety of shoes on the market.

‘There Is No Shoe That Is For Everyone……. BECAUSE EVERYONE HAS DIFFERENT FEET!’

Some shoes are designed for people with feet that roll in and flatten. Other shoes are designed for people that roll out and have high arches. Some shoes are designed to lock the foot and hold it stable. Other shoes are designed to unlock the foot and increase movement.

Without looking at an individual foot it is impossible to say what type of shoe is right for you.

‘If you have pain while wearing a shoe……. it most likely is the wrong shoe for you’

The pain does not necessarily need to be in the feet, it could be pain in the legs, knees, hips or back.

Our goal is to get people wearing the shoes they love and doing the things that make them happy.If you aren’t wearing the shoes you love and suffer from foot, knee and hip pain. Make sure you contact us below and we may be able to help you live a pain free life.

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