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What Do You Treat?

Your Structural Podiatrist frequently treats Heel Pain, Heel Spurs, Plantar Fasciitis, Morton’s Neuromas, Knee Pain, Hip Pain, Flat Feet, Severs, Osgood Schlatters and Haglunds.

Your Routine Podiatrist deals with Fungal Nail Treatment, Ingrown Toenail Treatment, Toenail Surgery, Plantar Wart Treatment, Verrucae Treatment, Foot Calluses, Hard Corns, Diabetic Foot Checks, Diabetes Treatment and Toenail Cutting.

Your Structural Physiotherapist treats Back Pain, Neck Pain, Acute Injuries, Ligament & Muscle Tears, Tendinopathies, Shoulder Pain, Rotator Cuff Injuries, Musculoskeletal Injuries, Headaches.

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How Much Is The Initial Consultation?

Structural Podiatrist $95

Routine Podiatrist $85

Physiotherapist $95

How Long Is The Initial Consultation?

Allow 30 minutes for your initial consultation.

Do You Have Parking?

We have free onsite parking.

Do I Need A Referral?

You do not need a GP referral but if your doctor refers you under an EPC (Enhanced Primary Care Plan) you can get up to 5 podiatry or physiotherapy treatments a year, paid for by Medicare.

How Can You Help Me?

Do you want a professional to stop your pain?
Are your ingrown toenails causing you pain?​
Does your back pain affect your activities?​

For all your podiatry needs call your local Gold Coast Podiatrist and we will have an effective podiatry treatment for you.

Your Gold Coast Physio is ready and able to start your physio treatment to get you pain free and back to your favourite activities.

We are a full service Physiotherapy & Podiatry clinic with a long history of providing successful outcomes to our patients.

Where Are You?

138 Olsen Avenue, Arundel. We are between Harbour Town and the Gold Coast Hospital​.

What Is A Structural Podiatrist?

A Structural Podiatrist looks for the root cause of your pain rather than simply treating the symptoms.

Our podiatry treatment program realigns the joints in the feet, knees and hips to get the body back into natural positions. This means you you can wear a variety of shoes, get back to doing the things you love or go barefoot and not worry about pain.

The aim of our Gold Coast Podiatry clinic is to get people out of orthotics and out of pain without needing medication or surgery.

Podiatrist Matt Consulting

What Is A Routine Podiatrist?

Our Routine Podiatrist offers exceptional care in the treatment of corns, calluses, and toenails.

Your Podiatrist understands these conditions can be painful and impact your lifestyle.

We have podiatry treatment for ingrown toenails including toenail surgery and options to avoid toenail surgery.

There are a variety of Podiatry exercises your Podiatrist show you to help treat your Bunions and hammer toes.

routine podiatry on the gold coast

What Is A Structural Physiotherapist?

Our physiotherapists help you get out of pain and get back to doing the things you love.

Our practitioners have extensive training in structural treatment of the feet, knees and hips using the technique MME (Mobilisation, Manipulation and Exercises.

With manual therapies our physios mobilise and manipulate the joints getting them into a better position.

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Every Step Is A Journey


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  • Why misaligned joints cause pain
  • Why realigning the joints can stop foot, knee and hip pain
  • Why symptoms are often misleading
  • Alternatives to orthotics, surgery and pain killers
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Every Step is a Journey by Matt Maguire

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