Our Fees

At Hip to Toe Gold Coast Podiatry & Physiotherapy we want to get you out of pain and back to doing the things you love at an affordable price. We offer transparent pricing options so you can make an informed decision about investing in your health.

Our modern Gold Coast clinic has an exceptional team of practitioners and reception staff who will offer you the highest quality of service possible. We won’t compromise quality to deliver you good value.

You can also take comfort from knowing that our staff are specifically trained in how to best structure your treatment and payments to get you the maximum benefit at the best possible price, including offering you discount options for regular treatment when paid in advance. Please feel free to call if you have any questions about the fees for treatment at Hip to Toe Gold Coast Podiatry & Physiotherapy.

Phone: 07 5571 7329

Hip to Toe Gold Coast Podiatry & Physiotherapy Team