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Want An Orthotic Alternative?

If Your Goal Is To Be Pain-Free, We Can Help!

We Offer Podiatry Treatment With and Without Orthotics.

But Why Offer An Orthotic Alternative?

Because Everything Works Better In The Right Situation. Right?

Orthotic Alternative

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Orthotic Treatment Options

When your foot is in the correct position, your muscles, ligaments and tissues will not tear and strain, and you will be pain-free.
An orthotic is designed to hold your foot in a better position.
So, if an orthotic can help, then why would we offer an alternative to orthotics?

There are actually a number of drawbacks to orthotics, for example:

1. They only work when you are wearing them
2. You only wear them if they are comfortable
3. They limit your footwear options
4. They can limit your activites. For example, you can’t walk barefoot on the beach or grass if you rely on orthotics to walk pain-free.
5. Over time, your feet will adapt to the use of the orthotics. This means your muscles and tissues become reliant on the orthotic device, which makes your feet weaker over time.

Therefore, at Hip to Toe, our podiatrists and physiotherapists would rather get the foot to work the way it is meant to without having to rely on an orthotic device for the rest of your life. Imagine what that would be like? No more orthotics. Just your feet working as they should. Pain-free!

​Not only do we love to help our clients become free from their orthotics, but where possible, we also like to get them off pain killers and prevent them from needing surgery.

Let our highly trained podiatrists and physiotherapists give you an alternative to orthotics, surgery and pain killers.

I Don’t Want To Wear Orthotics Anymore. What Can I Do?

Imagine walking barefoot on the beautiful Gold Coast beaches, buying and wearing any shoes you like, getting out of bed and not having to put shoes on just to be able to walk pain-free. Sound good?

These are achievable goals, and we want to help you achieve them.

Many of our clients have reported they are now able to:

  • walk or run further, faster and for longer; 
  • play with the grandkids without pain; 
  • keep up with their team mates; 
  • and enjoy their work and home life without worrying about pain.

What do you want to do that your pain is currently stopping you from doing?

It might be you want to walk on the beach, or train for a marathon, or even climb Mt Everest!

No matter how large or small your goal is, our Gold Coast Podiatrists and Physiotherapists have helped thousands of clients achieve their goals without orthotics, by re-aligning their feet and legs into better, stronger positions internally rather than relying on external supports.

Have a think about the goals you want to achieve, write them down and bring them with you to your initial consultation. We will adapt your podiatry and physiotherapy treatment to help you achieve your personal goals.

Barefoot and Heels

Do You Use Orthotics?

Orthotics can be extremely useful in certain situations and we prescribe them when necessary.

However, there are many situations where they are not needed, are not the best choice, and they can even un-helpful and prevent a full recovery. For these instances, we would rather use an alternative podiatry treatment to orthotics and address the underlying issues that caused the orthotic to be needed in the first place.

For Podiatry Treatment With Or Without Orthotics, Or To Learn More About How We Can Help You, Contact Us Today.

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