Ankle Pain Treatment Gold Coast

Why Do I Have Ankle Pain?

Ankle Pain can have a number of different causes. Sometimes it’s from an acute injury such as a sprain or fall. Other times it’s a problem which has resulted from a long term misalignment of your joints. Whatever the cause of your ankle problem, it’s important to get a correct diagnosis to ensure you’ll be able to get a lasting solution.

In the ankle joint, there are a number of ligaments which hold the ankle in place. Ligaments are what connect and hold bones to other bones. The many ligaments holding the ankle in place are the reason why it’s usually a strong stable structure.

However, when the ankle is misaligned over a period of time, or after an incident like a twist or a fall, the ligaments are placed under an incredible amount of strain. This ankle strain can cause microscopic (or large) tears. ​If these tears are not addressed, it can lead to destabilisation and pain in your ankle.

Our podiatrists and physiotherapists can use x-rays to identify where your joints are out of position. We can then come up with a podiatry and/or physiotherapy treatment plan to move your joints back into their proper alignment.

At Hip To Toe Structural Podiatry and Physiotherapy Clinic on the Gold Coast, we have been treating the underlying cause of ankle pain for many years, and we’re confident that we can advise you on how to start your journey to recovery.

What About Arthritis?

Arthritis could also be a factor in your ankle pain. Arthritis develops when the joints are wearing unevenly. This wears down the cartilage between the bones and can result in pain. Misaligned joints cause arthritic change due to the uneven wear and tear. While our podiatry treatment can not reverse arthritis, we aim to prevent it getting worse. We can realign your joints to allow smoother movement.

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