What Causes Sciatica?

Sciatic Nerve Treatment Gold Coast

The sciatic nerve branches off from the spinal column, and runs down the leg splitting off into the smaller nerves of the thigh, leg, and foot.

This results in the nerves sending thousands of signals to the brain every second. On account of these signals we are able to:

  • move the large action muscles
  • utilise the small, stabiliser muscles
  • register pain, heat, cold, wet, dry, sharp or blunt

Why Is The Sciatic Nerve Important?

Without these signals we would not be able to move or sense danger. We wouldnt be able to alter where we are going or how we are walking in order to avoid danger.

Think of the nerves like electrical wires going to a light bulb.

If the signal does not get through the electrical wire then the light bulb will not turn on. Or if an electrical wire is damaged the signal cannot get through and the light will not turn on. Or if the signal goes through the electrical wire intermittently the light bulb will flicker on and off.

It is the same with the nerves. If a nerve is damaged or trapped these signals are unable to get to the brain successfully.

The result can be Sciatica which can result in numbness or tingling or pain.

What Is Sciatica Treatment?

Our practitioners understand that sciatica treatment is more than just treating the symptoms. You need to know the sciatica cause and treat that.

Sciatica Podiatry treatment involves checking the whole lower limb to see if there is any misalignment of the foot, leg, or hip which is causing a rotation at the pelvis and leading to an entrapment of the nerve.

Sciatica Physio treatment involves checking the upper body to see if there is any misalignment of the spine or hip which is causing an entrapment of the nerve.

By treating sciatica cause you can ensure long terms results. If you only treat the sciatica symptoms they can come back again and again.

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