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knee pain treatment from a Gold Coast podiatrist

Are you looking for a lasting knee pain treatment from a Gold Coast podiatrist? If the answer is “yes”, then watch this quick video about knee pain, and read on…

“Knee Discomfort is very common, but most people only treat the symptoms instead of the cause, which can lead to hip and back problems”

If knee pain is ignored and not treated it can lead to muscles, ligaments and tendons constantly pulling and tearing, which will cause pain and can lead to permanent damage. In worst case scenarios this can lead to:

  1. Knee replacement
  2. Hip replacement
  3. and irreversible degeneration of the knee

“When you suffer from knee pain you need to see someone that helps people find the root cause of the problem and treats knee pain every day”

When you see an expert, someone who lives and breaths treating knee pain everyday, someone who only treats from the hips down, you will finally be in the right hands so that you can get rapid, lasting relief from pain, and get back to loving life and doing all the activities that make you happy.

When you get a Gold Coast Podiatrist who is an expert at finding the root cause of your problem to treat you, you could start:

  1. Doing the activities you love
  2. Be pain free
  3. Avoid surgery

Only treating your symptoms will never get rid of your problem or your pain. That’s why Hip to Toe Gold Coast Podiatrists aim, where possible, in getting people out of orthotics, out of pain and away from surgery. We find the root cause of the problem by realigning the joints in the knees, hips and feet, which get your body back into the position it should be in.

“If your car tyres are wearing unevenly and you just replace the tyres without checking the alignment, What will happen?”

If you’ve ever wanted to get away from knee pain then keep reading, these next three tips are golden and just might change your life;

  1. Do you walk around the house (on tiles or laminate floors) without shoes? Our bodies aren’t meant to walk on concrete make sure you put shoes on around the house
  2. Elevate your leg, put ice on it and use compression
  3. Check your running shoes, how do your shock absorbers look? If they are worn out and have lost their springiness, it might be time to buy a new pair!

If any of this relates to you and your knee problems or knee pain, then please feel free to reach out to us at hip to Toe Gold Coast Podiatrists for more information, or feel free to call us to ask more or to book a consultation to discuss your condition and treatment options – 07 5571 7329. You can also email enquiries to, or use our contact form on this page below.

Our team at Hip to Toe Gold Coast Podiatry are excited to hear from you soon and to help you begin your journey of freedom from knee pain! 🙂

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